Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Long time.

I've been busy. Busy doing nothing. Well, there was my grandmother's funeral and my baby got baptized and some other things. And yeah, I quit my job for time being. Cleaning out my office took me more than 2 weeks, it's hard to believe. I had so many books and toys and other junk that I had to get a full size van to move about 50+ boxes and a tire. Yeah, I actually had a full size tire for my car sitting in my office (long story). Anyways, it might sound crazy and irresponsible for a grown man, who's married and have a baby, to just quit because he wants to, but I did. Well, I did all that for Whaleboy. Now my life is totally depending on that sucker and let's hope we (Patrick, Ed, & I) do a good job. If you you don't know who Whaleboy is, find out at Wikipedia. It'll soon be there after we make a hit pilot. Just wait. I'm sure some of you probably saw the prototype of a vinyl toy we are currently in production of. If not, check out my pal Patrick's blog. We're going to have the toy probably around in September (so pissed off that we're going to miss the Comicon). And we'll be making a roughly 11 minute pilot with Nickelodeon. Wish us luck and thanks for your support. Since I haven't posted anything for last 2 month or so, here's a bulldog character I did last year for my last job.