Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Chicken Little Wrap Party.

My friend John Yoon was kind enough to invited me to go to Chicken Little wrap party last Saturday. It was a great party. Food, drinks, music, film, and even tables for gambling. My opinion on the film is that it's good. It's no Pixar film. But it's good. If you never heard of Chicken Little, it's a up coming Disney's CG film. And it is their very first (I'm not counting Dinosaurs, sorry) attempt at it, without Pixar that is.
Recently turned Ex-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner was there and gave a speech about how at Disney, it's all about animation. And that from animation, all other stuff like parks, products, etc comes from. And he even mentioned that story is very important in animation. And I was sitting there thinking "Then why aren't you the Disney CEO anymore, and what was all that artist layoffs few years ago, and why did you get rid of traditional animation studio, and why were you so focused on theme parks, cruise lines and other businesses more than the studio, and most of all, why all those sequels with bullshit stories?" I thought it was total oxymoron for him to be there talking like that, specially to the artists. Well, as a courteous, I gave him half-assed claps with rest of the audiences. Sorry!
I hope the new CEO, Iger, does a good job and that Disney to make better films like they used to.


Anonymous Tony said...

Eisner sucks. Go DreamWorks!

did you watch Wallace & Grommit yet?

1:15 AM  
Blogger Taesoo Kim said...

Haven't seen W & G yet.
I gotta go check it out.

3:53 PM  
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