Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've been digging up and archiving my old drawings from last 8 years. There were boxes of loose papers and sketchbooks. Good thing, I finally threw out some craps and made some room for more craps. I thought it would take maybe day or two to finish the job, but it's me. I miscalculated. I'm not good at cleaning up things and I do get side tracked ever so often. My drawings were every where, living room, dining room, kitchen, table, bedroom and even the restroom was covered with my old drawings. I'm so not organized. Good thing my wife and the baby was away for a week.
Any ways here are some stuff from '98 - 2000. These drawings are from this animation show which my friends and I created call "Constant Payne" and later made a 9 minute pilot short with Nickelodeon. These are developmental sketches so the final look was somewhat different. You can see them at this site It tested very well with focus groups and rating was good. Although it never got to be made as an on going series, it was the first attempt for Nickelodeon to do an action adventure show. Maybe it was too violent, and yeah there was the 9/11 and few other things.
More to come...


Anonymous rafael said...

These sketches are genius. It makes me think about how crazy that time was for you - but at the same time, how friggin creative you can be. Nick really missed the boat.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Dik Pose said...

Some real beauties Taesoo... You need to post more often!! (I do too, haha)

You gonna be at Con this year? If you are, come by The Those Guys booth, #1132, say hi to a group of Fullerton alums...

3:07 AM  
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