Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pain in the neck.

I've been working on so many things for last month or so. I have been pulling few all nighters. I really thought that I don't have to do that bullshit after college, but it seems like I do more all nighters than I ever did in college. My neck and shoulders feel so stiff. I seriously need to get some massage. I think the pain I'm having is turning into chronic pain. It's definitely here to stay. I feel so freakin old when ever I look in the mirror. I hardly get to sleep as I used to. I wish I can sleep 10 hours straight. So drawing for myself is kinda out of question lately. But I can't complain what I do though. I need to make money to feed the family and buy diapers for the little one. Here are some life drawings I did, back when I was free enough to take workshops.