Monday, January 15, 2007


I try not to post anything disturbing and try to stay family friendly as much as possible. Then again, that won't represent more than half the work I do for fun. And when you really look at these, these are more weird than bad (as in evil). And they are just plain bad art I know. And by all means, I ain't no furry, I just do these crap to amuse myself. But I guess that's how some furries started out. Crap! Anyways, these are I guess what you can say the opposite of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and all them animal based cartoon characters that talk and move like human. These would be what animals would draw human as themselves. I didn't color them but try to visualise them in human flesh tones (pink, yellow, brown, etc.) instead of the actual animal colors. We didn't color Mickey, Woody, and others in flesh tones. Why would they want to color these in animal patterns.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fat bastard

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Look out for Whaleboy vinyl figures. We finally approved the artist proof of the toys. So far, there are going to be 3 different variations. Original color scheme (baby blue), a Goth (glossy black with pale faces), and an Albino (pale all around with a hint of pink). These are limited in numbers so grab them while you can. Munkey King in LA will be doing the opening for our toy debut. There's going to be a party and a gallery show. Check out Munkey King's site for more details. And also Kid Robot (both online and retail stores) and other fine art vinyl shops will be carrying out little man. You can also visit our own if you want to buy direct from us. Or gives us a call for more details. We'll be at San Diego Comicon this summer too, so make sure to stop by and check him out.